Top 10 Exciting School Extracurricular Activities You Can Make Available to Your Students

School extracurricular activities are a formative part of a student’s education. They allow students to develop time management skills, discover new passions, and take on leadership roles. While the specific extracurriculars your charter school offers will depend on your resources, staff, and mission, these ideas should help you get started with your shortlist.

Focus on activities that boost school spirit and morale like a sports team or a theatre club. Activities that raise the profile of the school and help with fundraising are also smart choices if your resources are limited.


The variety of sports you choose depends on:

  • Budget
  • Number of interested faculty members
  • Number of interested students

Sports teams need equipment and uniforms, so if there isn’t much room in your budget you’ll need to limit the number of teams you have. Student interest will help you decide which sports you should choose. Consider a student or community survey to point you in the right direction. Additionally, gauge the level of faculty interest in supervising such teams.


Cycling Club

If there’s enough interest, you can organize a cycling club that meets before or after school to go on group bike rides. Schools on a tight budget can encourage students who already own a bike to bring theirs to school and buy just a few for those who don’t own one. Remember to get enough helmets for all club members, and instruct all students on bike safety.


Theatre Club

Theatre club is a great way to build confidence, public speaking abilities, and foster creativity among your students. School performances are also a wonderful opportunity to include parents and the local community in your school’s evolution.



Building a school band not only encourages students to master an instrument, it also raises school spirit. Having a band allows you to throw vibrant pep rallies and spirit days as your school population grows.  Sponsoring music programs helps students foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts.


Debate Team

School extracurricular activities give students the chance to practice their critical thinking skills. A debate team offers students a forum for discussion that may not be possible during regular school hours.


Language Club

Start a language club to give your students a global education. Learning a foreign language makes students smarter, boosts memory, improves decision-making ability, and more. Beyond these benefits, it will make your students more marketable once they graduate.


Chess Club

Chess helps young people improve concentration, think strategically, and practice good sportsmanship. It also opens up great opportunities for students if they’re good enough to compete nationally or internationally. Chess clubs are relatively inexpensive. All it requires are a few chess boards, some interested students, and a knowledgeable teacher.


Cooking Club

Extracurricular activities aren’t just about academics. They’re useful for teaching valuable life skills as well. During cooking club, students learn how to prepare healthy, well-rounded meals. These lessons will help students with budgeting and good eating habits as they move beyond school and into their adult lives.


Coding/Computer Science Club

Every charter school should have its eyes on the future. Coding skills are valuable to students across multiple disciplines. Use your computer lab or existing equipment to facilitate an extracurricular coding club. With tools like Khan Academy, CodeSchool, or Team Treehouse, your students can engage in guided computer learning in a social setting. Many online code schools offer free or reduced pricing for educators. Teach younger students coding concepts with board games such as Bits & Bytes, Robot Repair or On the Brink.


Gardening Club

Gardening Club serves a dual purpose. It gives students who love gardening an outlet for their passion while beautifying your school at the same time.

Extracurriculars build student confidence, increase school spirit, and gives both teachers and students excellent leadership opportunities. The effort you put forth to develop solid extracurriculars will pay dividends over time.

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