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Top 5 School Security Challenges

Top 5 School Security Challenges School security is a major concern for charter school administrators. If you’ve never run a school before, identifying policies that will keep your staff and students safe can be daunting. Start by understanding and preparing…


For Parents: College Planning Timeline

Guest Blog Article by Jelon Williams of Sojourn Academy. Preparing their children for college is one of the most challenging tasks parents face. Although many parents start savings accounts for their children’s college tuition as soon as the kids are…


Top 10 Exciting Extracurricular Activities You Can Make Available to Your Students

Top 10 Exciting School Extracurricular Activities You Can Make Available to Your Students School extracurricular activities are a formative part of a student’s education. They allow students to develop time management skills, discover new passions, and take on leadership roles.…


How Should My Charter School Measure Success?

What factors are key indicators of a successful charter school? Every charter school strikes a bargain with its state. The charter school gets to choose its staff, manage its own budget, and design its own curriculum. In exchange, the state…


5 Proven Strategies for Hiring Teachers

5 Proven Strategies for Hiring Teachers Hiring teachers requires effort, commitment, and strategy. Convincing teachers to stay can be a challenge as well. Fortunately, the hiring strategies used by top charter schools aren’t a secret, so you can use them…


What Should You Consider in Your 2018 Charter School Budget?

Access These Improvements Today to Start 2018 Off Right! Updating your charter school budget for 2018? If your projections look good, you and your team will likely want to add new charter school vendors to augment the services available to your…


5 Ways Charter Schools Differ From Public Schools

Charter Schools vs Public Schools If it takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to pick the right school? At some point in the process, the option of charter schools comes up and you…


4 Traits of Effective Charter School Vendors

Find Charter School Vendors Opening a charter school is a lot like starting a business. You’ve got to put out a quality product (your teaching style), you need to attract customers (your students), and you want to attract the best…


How to Open a Charter School: Tips and Resources

How to Open a Charter School Deciding to open a charter school is pretty easy. You notice the local public school isn’t meeting a certain need, so you choose to start one of your own. Understanding how to open a charter…


5 Goals for Every Charter School Principal

Strong Charter School Principal Leadership Running a successful charter school takes more than vision. It requires good leadership, and that leadership is provided by the charter school principal. The charter school principal determines the tone and attitude of the school,…



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