Access These Improvements Today to Start 2018 Off Right!

Updating your charter school budget for 2018? If your projections look good, you and your team will likely want to add new charter school vendors to augment the services available to your staff, students, and parents.

403(b) Plan Provider

Charter schools who want to attract and retain top teaching talent offer competitive benefits. A 403(b) plan is a tax-sheltered retirement plan available to certain employees. That group includes public school employees. If you don’t already offer 403(b) retirement plans, consider finding a provider in 2018.

Musical Instruments

Charter schools walk a fine line between offering a specialized educational experience and providing variety. That said, as your school grows, you’ll likely want to expand into different services and extracurriculars. Music is the obvious choice. Look into adding a charter school vendor that supplies musical instruments.

School Uniforms

Updating your 2018 budget isn’t just about adding or subtracting charter school vendors. It pays to replace some existing ones as well. Preparing your budget for the next school year is a great time to evaluate your existing contracts to see whether you’re getting the most value for money. Consider starting with something straightforward like school uniforms to hone your process for vendor re-evaluation.

Athletic Equipment

Does your athletic equipment need an update? According to the CDC, regular physical exercise is vital for an adolescent’s long-term wellbeing. Schools reinforce this by offering physical education programs. Whether your charter school focuses on athletics or not, regular physical activity is important for the general health of your students. Review whether there is enough equipment to offer a fun, interactive physical education program for your students.

Interactive White Boards

Intractive whiteboards allow teachers to enhance the in-class experience. These hybrid whiteboard/computer monitors allow teachers to offer vibrant lessons and help students engage with concepts in a unique way. These are expensive to install in every classroom, but including even one the school’s library may give teachers an opportunity to reach more visual learners.

Computer Technology

It’s no longer possible to offer a quality education without a decent computer lab. To thrive in the 21st century job market, students need a robust technical education. In 2018, you’ll likely have to update your existing computers or augment your current technology to meet the needs of a growing student population. Because the scope and capabilities of technology improves so rapidly, ignoring this category for even one year can cause your students to slip behind.

Financial Management

Depending on how long your school’s been open, you may not have enough talent on your administrative team to manage your school effectively. If this is the case, you’ll want to consider hiring financial experts or consultants to help you with your accounting and management.

Human Resources/Payroll Software

There are always new software solutions coming out that are better and cheaper than what you are using today. HR technology companies develop software that makes it easy to optimize the employee experience, store information, administer payroll, and manage benefits. Rather than remaining content with your charter school vendors, consider what other solutions are on the market. You may want to look into switching providers or using new information as leverage to negotiate a better rate with your current service provider.

Professional Development Instructors

Your best teachers want to feel like they’re advancing. If they don’t feel challenged or they aren’t given leadership opportunities, they will start looking for jobs elsewhere. While professional development programs sound pricey, consider the cost of hiring new teachers. You’ll find it’s cheaper – and more beneficial to your school’s long-term success – to keep the excellent teachers you already have.

Your charter school’s financial situation will vary, but you should take a well-rounded approach to updating your budget for 2018. Evaluate your existing expenditures, explore new charter school vendors, and look for ways to use leftover money to optimize the students’ learning experience.

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